Talentum® Flame Detectors are ideal for applications where fast acting and accurate detection of fire is essential. Using infra-red (IR) sensing technology they can detect flames from all fuel types, from hydrocarbon fires with 4.3μm emissions through to invisible fires such as hydrogen.

Talentum® detectors can detect flames through such elements as dust, steam and smoke; they are also immune to the effects of wind or draughts of air. With the addition of an ultra-violet (UV) sensor Talentum detectors are highly immune to false signals such as sunlight.

The detectors use advanced IR and UV technologies, making Talentum® one of the fastest, most reliable and accurate flame detectors in the world. It’s technology is truly unique, looking at both the characteristic flicker and energy produced by flames. Talentum® is the detector of choice for high value, high risk applications – varying from nuclear power sites, waste disposal plants to supersonic cars. Talentum® provides detection you can trust.

Product Range:

  • IR² Flame Detector (Dual Infra-red) High immunity to false sources (for indoor areas)
  • IR³ Flame Detector (Triple Infra-red) Excellent immunity to false sources (for indoor or outdoor areas)
  • UV / IR² Flame Detector (Ultra-Violet, Dual Infra-red) Highest immunity to false sources (for indoor or outdoor areas)
  • IR Spark Detector (Single Infra-red) Specialist applications (for enclosed and dark areas


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