In any kitchen, the duct, hood and appliances themselves have a high risk of fire due to the nature of the environment and combustibles in the vicinity. This is where the Defender Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems come in.
Suitable for all your industrial kitchens, the Defender products are tested and certified by LPCB and also TSE.

The Defender nozzle coverage is wider than competitors meaning less pipe work and installation time

  • LPCB 1223 Certified(certificate number LPCB 1158a/01)
  • Fast and Full Protection with the PSP Detection
  • High Temperature Protection with Fusible Detectors
  • Fast and Efficient Extinguishing with Fire Eraser Liquid Chemical
  • Activation Safety with Continuous Pressure Feature
  • Economic Service and Maintenance
  • Effective and Comprehensive Coverage with High Performance Nozzles
  • Automatic Gas Shutoff and Alarm Signal
  • Easy Installation and Operation