Firetrace E4
NOVEC™ 1230

Firetrace’s E4 systems break the mould of engineered systems by smashing the design limitations found in most clean agent systems thanks to a 500PSI (34.5 bar) system pressurization using 3M™ NOVEC™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid.

3M™ NOVEC™ 1230 Fire Protection Fluid is a next generation halon alternative offering outstanding performance, large margin of safety, and an excellent environmental profile

  • Zero ozone depletion potential
  • A global warming potential of 1
  • 5-day atmospheric lifetime
  • A large margin of safety


The Firetrace FM-200® Engineered System quickly suppresses fires and protects sensitive electronic equipment without causing harm and interrupting operations.

  • The unique features of FM-200® allow for fewer nozzles, thus a less complex piping design, as compared to other clean agents.
  • The larger area of coverage per nozzle using FM-200® reduces the amount of agent needed to extinguish a fire.
  • The price per kilogram of the FM-200® agent is lower than other clean agents.
  • Safe for electronic equipment, minimizing downtime if a fire occurs.


The PYROSHIELD fire suppression system is made up of an inert gas mix that is present in the air we breathe and leaves no residue or in any way damages the environment.

When properly designed, the PYROSHIELD system will extinguish surface burning fire in Class A, B, and C hazards by lowering the oxygen content below the level that supports combustion without obscuring exit routs or endangering human life.

  • Computer rooms
  • Sub-floors
  • Tape storage
  • Telecommunication/Switch-gear
  • Vaults
  • Process equipment
  • All normally occupied or unoccupied electronic areas where equipment is either very sensitive or irreplaceable