CTX-Indirect Dual Agent Systems

Extremely hazardous fires require the highest and most innovative agents in order to extinguish. Dual Agent Systems, therefore, provide the reliability and capabilities of fighting flammable liquid and gas fires.

The Dual Agent Indirect System utilises the Reacton® tubing as a detection-only device. When the tubing ruptures, the extinguishing agent is delivered through a network of braided hose or stainless-steel tubing to strategically placed nozzles within the protected enclosure. Indirect systems are available with a manual release option which allows the operator to activate the system at the first sign of trouble. Industries that benefit the most from the Dual Agent systems would be mining, oil and gas, aviation and transport.


  • Completely automatic 24/7 fire detection and suppression
  • Does not require any electrical power to operate
  • Optional isolation, shut down, remote activation and status indication units available
  • Safe for use on energised equipment
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Completely pre-engineered
  • Ideal for ATEX/flameproof areas due to no electrical requirements
  • Small easy storage
  • Flexible detection/discharge tube allows for quick and unobtrusive installation regardless of hazard shape